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TV Size
  • Small(10"-32")
  • Medium(32"-47")
  • Large(40"-60")
  • X-Large(over 60")
  • Fixed Mount
  • Tilt Mount
  • Full-motion Mount
  • Gas Strut Mount
  • TV Cart
  • Ceiling Mount

About NorthBayou

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Here at NorthBayou (NB), our workforce is dedicated to unleash the possible potential of the vast aspect interactive ergonomics equipment. We design and manufacture offices and homes entertainment TV and display bracket products. We integrated physiological principle to the design in our ergonomics products to enhance safety and comfort, increase productivity and reduce employee’s fatigue in offices and gamers at homes

                                         Head Quarter :   HongJie Electronics Co., Ltd.                  
                                                                      1050 Fu Chun Jiang Road. Economic Development Zone
                                   Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. China. 215333
                                   Phone: +86-512-57971777    Fax: +86-512-5797979
                                   Official website: http://www.nbavmount.com 


                                Manufacturing Plant: Anhui Emmy Ergonomics Interactive Technology Co., Ltd

                                                                 10, Guangping Road, Economic Developing Zone,

                                                                 Guangde Town, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province. China

                                                                 Phone : +86-512-57971777-826 Fax : +86-512-57970776

From the demands of a large business to individual users, our portfolio of products and solutions 
are tailored to meet this challenge. From

interactive ergonomics workstations; desktop arms; full motion gas-strut wall mounts to versatile

mobile carts. Each of individual series is designed with a specific focus on the interaction between the human and the equipment used.

Our design and engineering capabilities are extensive.

Established in 2006, NB Corporation has fast becoming a global leader in brand and technology of mounting solutions. Channels and

E-commercial are well expanded into 100 over countries globally and Amazon online. In domestic, NB 
ergonomics products are the

best sellers in JD and T mall online. Our vision gives us a sense of direction and destination. 
It captures our aspiration of being the best

in what we do.

For the past years, NB is relentless in our pursuit of excellence. Each day, our dedicated and passionate staff is contributing to the

professional field of ergonomics concepts with innovative, creative, reliable and durable products. Ever since, NB has gotten more

than 100 Patent Rights in China and received many rewards from local authority.  
In 2016, NB is successfully listed in Basic Market

of National Equities Exchange or The New 3
rd Board. Our equities account is 836274.

With our expertise and deep talent pool, we’ll continue to develop the best interactive ergonomics products to creative a better 

and healthier lifestyle world 
Thank you for reading our Company profile and we hope you enjoy using our ergonomics products

as much we enjoyed doing that.

                                                                    "Add a NB Ergonomics Product to your home"