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Installation techniques of

Installation techniques of LCD TV brackets on different walls

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       The LCD TV brackets  will refer to the problem of Installation environment, position, weight capacity of brackets, situation of bearing wall etc, the consumers shall consider some professional factors and know well about the Installation techniques before installing themselves, to ensure the TV can be used normally.

       The types of wall structures is divided into  brick walls, wooden walls, decorative walls, glass walls, marble walls, different wall structures have different strict requirements on the screws size and Space. The users must pay attention on different installation techniques according to different wall structures when installing the TV with wall brackets.

 1)  Normal brick wall

     There is no need special tools and techniques when installing if the TV is mounted on brick wall, only need drill some holes on the wall with a Percussion drill, then mount the TV with screws and bolts.

2)  Wooden walls

 Wooden walls is divided into solid wood and gypsum board walls, as long as the solid wood have 2cm thickness, then you can drill it with the self-tapping screws, if it is gypsum board walls, then need you choose the anchor point first, dill a hole on the centre of anchor point with a utility knife (with the size of your finger can get in ), put a long lath with thickness 2cm on the screws holes of bracket, so that the self-taping screws can tap into the lath through the gypsum board to Increase the force area.

3)  Marble wall

     Marble wall is divided into the Integral marble and striped marble. For integral marble, you should use the glass drill. When using the glass drill, you must water the drill head while drilling with the glass drill to preventing burn the drill.  If the glass drill really can not drill through the wall, you can change to use percussion drill when drill the half, but the percussion drill must be placed in the stage of electric drill, if not, the marble will be cracked. After the holes were punched, you can install the expansion screws until tight enough.  For the striped marble, you must be more careful when drill the holes, because there are veins and grains on the striped marble, The vibration force slightly larger will make the crack expand.

4) Glass wall

    There are brick wall or wooden plate wall behind the glass wall, if it is the brick wall behind the glass wall, please drill the hole with glass drill after fixing the anchor point location. Meanwhile water the drill head when drilling. The glass drill head you used must be bigger than percussion drill for drill brick wall. As after the holes on the glass finished, you should drill the holes on the inside brick wall with the percussion drill. To avoiding break the glass when tight the screws, it is better to use the screws with bigger expansion pipe as the washers. The thickness of washers can be more thicker than glass, then make the screws tight enough.  If it is the wooden plate wall behind the glass, just need drill some bigger holes on the glass with the glass drill, put the washers in it after the holes finished, then make the self-taping screws tap into the wood , please note the self -taping screws must be longer than the thichness of glass plus the wooden plate.


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