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Flat Panel TV Mount Buying

Flat Panel TV Mount Buying Guide

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Flat Panel TV Mount Buying Guide

A comprehensive TV mount guide that will give you all useful information you need to choose the right mounting bracket for your flat panel TV .

Which Mount is Right for your TV?

Before you pick a LCD mount, take a few minutes to think about what is needed in your specific case.

Questions to ask ,

■ What surface will the mount be attached to?

■ What size and how much does your Screen weigh ?

■ What kind of movement is ideal ?

■ How much space is available?

■ What elevation is the screen going to be at? 

Expect above questions, also please know that most mounts follow compatibility standards set by the Video Electronics Standards Association .
The VESA mounting pattern is a set of four screw-holes arranged in a rectangle on the back of your TV, and corresponding holes with the same spacing on a wall-mount.It's a good bet that any TV mount sold today is VESA-compatible, but you should always confirm, just to be sure.

Mounts come in numerous different styles, each of which has relative merits and drawbacks.
These limitations usually follow the standard that as articulation and possible screen positions increase, maximum weight capacity decreases.

Listed below are the different types and the features of each one.

Type of Mounts

Fixed Mounts

Features: low profile design

This low profile design made your ultrathin flat panel TV much closer to the wall than any other type of mount
giving a very clean, custom look. However, a fixed TV wall mount offers no position adjustment. These are best for

installations where you have total control over the lighting, to avoid glare on the TV screen .


Tilt Mounts
Features: low profile design and tilt funtion .

Tilting mounts allow your TV to angle your TV vertically, while maintaining its position on the wall.
A tilting wall mount is recommended for installations where a TV is mounted higher than normal such as over a

fireplace allowing you to angle the display down towards the viewers .

Articulating Mounts
Feature: Wide varieties of possible viewing angles.

Full-Motion mounts allow the greatest range of movement for your flat panel TV .
you can be easy to fix, tilt, extend, fold and rotate your Tv and ensure we can have perfect viewing angle.
Also cantilever mounts open up more creative TV installation possibilities, like a corner; or on a wall that's at an

angle to your seating .


Mobile Carts

Feature : Mobility and Height adjustment .

Mobility is core advantage which offer an easy way to move your entertainment set anywhere you like.
Height adjustment can adjust your mount up to down freely according to different request .
It's also comes with standard accessory and tray and top shelf where you can store accessories like remote controls,

audio-visual equipment, cables, and webcams .


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 N B Team

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