TV Size
  • Small(10"-32")
  • Medium(32"-47")
  • Large(40"-60")
  • X-Large(over 60")
  • Fixed Mount
  • Tilt Mount
  • Full-motion Mount
  • Gas Strut Mount
  • TV Cart
  • Ceiling Mount

Russia Moscow HI-FI End Sh

Russia Moscow HI-FI End Show 13-15thApril 2018

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Russia  Moscow  Exhibition  Trip Report  13-15thApril 2018


The 3 days exhibit in Moscow is well received by local main stream buyers and end user visitors.

Victors praised products are in well designed, good functionalities, perfect quality finished and best esthetic looks.

Ergonomics Gas-strut series like Desktop Mounts F100, F195A and F80; Gas-strut Wall mounts series like F150, F300 and F350 are attracting the most crowded areas; Mobile carts are also drawing visitors eyes sight for their rigidity and well designed.

In view of the local distribution channels and online platforms are limited, local people

are asking when they able to purchase it. Thus, NB in fact is negotiating with a few major chain-stores to see what both can do about for Russia market soon.

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