TV Size
  • Small(10"-32")
  • Medium(32"-47")
  • Large(40"-60")
  • X-Large(over 60")
  • Fixed Mount
  • Tilt Mount
  • Full-motion Mount
  • Gas Strut Mount
  • TV Cart
  • Ceiling Mount

Hong Kong Electronics Autum

Hong Kong Electronics Autumn Fair 2018

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Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair 2018, 13 to 16th. Oct

The upcoming Hong Kong Electronics Autumn Fair is one of the most famous exhibitions before the closing year. This is where time to draw most of the overseas buyers to come forward for their following year purchase orders issued and established new product lines with their suppliers.

As usual, Hongjie is again participating in the upcoming Hong Kong Electronics Autumn show in Conventional Exhibition Hall. Level 3, at booth GH-D10 occupying 72 square meters with NB standards booth designed.

In the aspect of Ergonomics Comfort factors for human, Hongjie NB access the fit between users and desktop mount and workstations design, maximizing Ergonomic Comfort to relieve eye, neck and back strain discomfort.
Help and Improve wellness, productivities and efficiency in daily routine and home entertainment. Hongjie NB is building up a series of Ergonomics Interactive products to fulfill the need of niche market. We would hereby sincerely invites all our loyal and supportive clients and guests, come forward and visit our show booth at

GH-D10, grand hall level 3 .to view, touch and experiencing the sensational moment.

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