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  • X-Large(over 60")
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  • Tilt Mount
  • Full-motion Mount
  • Gas Strut Mount
  • TV Cart
  • Ceiling Mount

The 43rd China Internationa

The 43rd China International Furniture Fair

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The 43rd China International Furniture Fair
Spring Edition (Guangzhou 28-31st March)

Organized by the China Foreign Trade Corporation, the 43rd China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) started on 28-31st-March.
This year, a new exhibit area “Smart Office and Components “has been established and the main objective is to promote awareness of workplace wellness,
healthy life-style with the help of ergonomics concept design equipment.Goes along with the same strategic vision and idea,
Hongjie NB is participated in the show exhibited with our latest and unique ergonomics products for offices and homes.

The latest 4 series of product lines brought by NB are Ergonomics Desk-Placed All-In-One Sit-Stand Workstations; Ergonomics Front-Clamped 2 ties Sit-Stand Workstations;
Ergonomics Back-Clamped Sit-Stand Workstations and Ergonomics Wall-Mounted Standing Workstations. In the aspect of Ergonomics Comfort,
Hongjie NB access the fit to the application of psychological and physiological principles to products design, The goal is to reduce human error; Relieve eye, neck and back strain discomfort;
Enhance wellness, productivities and efficiency in daily routine and home entertainment. These 4 days show was well received by both overseas and local China visitors.
Prospective patrons were interested in ergonomics comfort and wellness. At the same time, they praised products were in well designed, good functionalities,
perfect quality finished and good esthetic looks. In fact, with the new series of products launched,

we believe there will be more and more users coming forward to use and experiencing our products for they are health and wellbeing future,
and these are our greatest wishes for our end users and it is also our Hongjie NB business philosophy and core value to support and fulfill the need of niche market.

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