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6th Edition Revolution of W

6th Edition Revolution of Work Style EXPO

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6th Edition Revolution of Work Style EXPO

The 6th Edition Revolution of Work Style EXPO was hosted at Tokyo from 29-31th May

The Revolution of Work Style EXPO is the most distinctive exhibition in Japan and the

largest exhibition in this field.

This exhibition involves all aspects of work at office, including office security,
informatization, office facilities management, health management, conference 
system, financial system 
human resource management system, office supplies, and even legal services.
It is the most comprehensive exhibition about offices and therefore attracted
more than 114,000 professional visitors from and hospitals all over Japan.

Over 850 companies participated in the exhibition including Hitachi,
Canon, Nestle, SONY and other well-known companies.

As one of the leading manufacturer of  Ergonomics products,  North Bayou has showed
our latest Ergonomics Sit-Stand Workstations, TV Carts, Gas-strut Desk mounts,
Which have gained great exposure and attract lot of buyers’ attention  and  praise .

NorthBayou Gas-strut  monitor mount and sit-stand workstation really echo the theme
of "work style  revolution", and show them we could lead a more health work style.
The heavy-duty cart is easy to install, to push and go, to adjust for up and down,
bringing a perfect visual experience for office meetings.

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