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  • TV Cart
  • Ceiling Mount


Model: FP-1


In to-day displays world, there are a wide range of variety of monitors available in the market. However, a small portion of these come without VESA mounting compatibility. Due to being non-VESA compliant designed by manufactures, these monitors are not able to mount onto common VESA compliant interface. NB Non-VESA Adaptor arms FP-1 is designed to solve this unique issue for you.

Fits most 17” to 27” LCD or LED monitors with overall thickness of 28 to 75 mm

( 1.1” to 3.0” ) and holding up to 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg) weight of monitor in place. FP-1 comes with powder coated black finish blends well with your monitor color appearance.

Designed with medium gauge SPCC, NB FP-1 is a unique, compact, elegant and low profile adaptor means to ensure long lasting, durable and reliable for lifetime.

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* Design for holding non-VESA compliant displays in the current market.
* Built in medium gauge SPCC, it is a sturdy steel adaptor to hold the weight.
* Powder coated black finish blends well with your display.
* Comes with rubber thin pads to prevent scratches and slipping.
* Easy to assemble and install.
* Slim and Low profile designed.
* Durable, reliable and long lasting

■ Fits most 17” – 27” non-VESA LCD or LED compliant displays
■ Cater 28 to 75 mm (1.1 “– 3.0 “) display thickness
■ Hold or carry maximum weight up to 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg)
■ VESA compliant 75 x 75 to 100 x 100 mm
■ Powder coated black

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