TV Size
  • Small(10"-32")
  • Medium(32"-47")
  • Large(40"-60")
  • X-Large(over 60")
  • Fixed Mount
  • Tilt Mount
  • Full-motion Mount
  • Gas Strut Mount
  • TV Cart
  • Ceiling Mount
Fits screen size 19"-27"


The ST35-2A integrated sit stand workstation is another newest ergonomics product designed and produced from NB that promoting collaboration and well-being in the workplace. This fully constructed in aluminum alloy with laminated keyboard desk and extra work surface above desk provides you with a stable and sturdy tabletop workstation

ST35-2A is front surface clamped design, the upper workspace is moving in-tandem with keyboard desk in height adjustment for monitor and keyboard and seamlessly transforms any fixed-height desk into an active sit-stand workstation. What’s more that the keyboard desk is foldable full upright to gain complete access to your desktop when required.  Design for 19” to 27 single monitor, ST35-2A comes with full range of monitor adjustment including height, rotation and tilt offered ergonomic comfort to your eye, arms, back and neck, especially the keyboard desk is descends 5” below desk whereby providing you with relax and comfortable typing.
Design in mechanical counter balance pulley system, changing your long sitting posture instantly to stand position with just a pull of desk and that is it. Continue doing that at workplace and home will enhance your wellness, increase energy level and improve productivity.

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*Foldable right up ergonomics keyboard tilting range to gain complete access to desktop and healthy typing.
*Effortless monitor adjustability : Tilting , rotating and up-down.
*Keyborard descends as much 5” below the desktop.
*Front surface-clamped fits desks flush against walls.>
*Ergonomic solution with extra workspace.
*Extremely sturdy and rigid with no bouncing .

Integrated Sit-Stand Workstation
■ Deigned for screen from 19” to 27” with tilt angles +3° / -15°.
■ Support Max capacity is 4.4 lbs to 24.2 lbs (2 – 11 kg).
■ VESA compliant from 75 x 75 to 100 x100 mm.
■ Keyboard desk descends 5” with flip up to free desktop.
■ Adjustable height range is 17.9 “ ( 455mm).
■ Adjustment monitor height is 4.3” (110 mm).
■ Full 360° monitor rotattion.

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