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G15 CPU carrier


G15 is a unique CPU tower Carrier uses in-cooperate with NB MC standing work-stations series. Designed to mount on walls or wood studs as like MC work-stations. Featuring the best of uses in constrain and tight space environment like hospital walkways, laboratory aisle, factories or start-up offices.
Simple and easy to install, G15 CPU carrier made of SPCC material with many reinforced ribs nicely formed to strengthen the support of your CPU tower up to 33 lbs (15 kg). By releasing a quick knob underneath of the carrier, an extendable width up to 7.87” (200 mm) is designed to allow high performance desktop tower to be installed and stay cool by many vitalization holes along sides. Additional Velcro straps bend around tower top to ensure and secure accidentally knock off from carrier.
G15 comes in smooth powder coated forever lasting black and it is goes with the same color tone to your installed MC standing work-station.

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* Best uses in tight and constrain space by mounting it on walls or wood studs.
* Many reinforced ribs formed to strengthen carrying weight.
* Many vitalization holes pierced to cool high performance CPU tower.
* Opening and closing carrier width by means of quick knob .
* Velcro straps provided to secure CPU tower being knock off.
* Built in cold roll steel and powder coated black surface finished.

■ Carrier internal dimension 10.23” * 7.87” max (260 mm * 200 mm)
■ Maximum capacity 33 lbs (15 kg)
■ 6 bolts installation to ensure safely mounted
■ Quick release knob for opening and closing carrier width.

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